Under Armour StormTech

Forcefields are not immediately relevant to every project, but thankfully for Under Armour StormTech they fit in quite nicely. I worked with 160over90 to produce this spot for UA’s raingear line of products. UA filmed the athlete out in Nevada sent us the footage for production. We handled all aspects of the post-production including visual effects, motion graphics, and final composite.

The graphics consisted of tech elements to display athlete vitals and establish the setting as well as endtag animations for product features, logo animations, and a call-to-action with a URL. UA needed 160 to create a  stormier look for the environment since they were not able to film in an actual storm. I helped create and composite storm clouds at 00:33 and 00:57 as well as basic sky replacement/enhancement for other shots. UA supplied us with image sequences of 3D product assets for the final endtag animations that we integrated with the forcefield/energy style.

Production Styleframes


Agency 160over90Client Under ArmourChief Executive Officer Shannon SlusherChief Creative Officer Darryl CilliExecutive Creative Director Konstantinos PsimarisExecutive Producer Thomas AmmonProducer Nick PitcavageCreative Director Cory McCallMotion Director Chris LeeMotion Designer Joe Dunlap, Jay KeereeLead Compositor Joe Dunlap