Mythbusters Series


We highlighted UW’s mission to benefit their home state in five key areas for in-state students and graduates.

This series of animations helps answer one question: Why Wisconsin? It put the focus on how the University supports in-state students and where graduates go afterward. The topics ranged from how Wisconsin is working to make in-state tuition affordable, to how Wisconsin is increasing graduates’ earning potential. A strong website and social media presence ensured maximum impact for UW’s prospective students.

One principal design challenge was to grow the look and feel of these animations from the creative parameters of pre-existing brand imagery. They needed to feel part of the same world. This meant incorporating existing typography, colors, and textures/patterns into each scene.

To simplify the structure of each animation, I designed opening and closing scenes, along with a ‘Did You Know’ interstitial that were common to each video. These components inspired copy revisions that brought consistency and parallelism to each script – streamlining viewer comprehension.

2 months


230 hours

Motion Design


Agency 160over90Client University of Wisconsin MadisonRole Design, Animation, Voiceover