Lines Not Limits


This anthem video for Jefferson University was conceived by 160over90 as part of a rebranding campaign for the school. Philadelphia University was absorbed by Thomas Jefferson University to form the new entity, and JU needed to convey the optimism and future-forward vision of the merger.

I served as lead designer for three key visual effects moments during the opening sequence. Shot as one continuous take, students are presented in small vignettes within a large, dark space. At three key moments of collaboration, the visual effects elements bring to life the intangeable sharing of ideas across areas of knowledge.

First (at 00:39) three students discuss floorplans for a hospital that are informed by patient care plans. At 00:44 a large curtain displays a visualization of neuron pathways with overlays of analytics data combining bio-research with sales engineering. Finally (at 00:54), a row of students exchange ideas for future trends as their thoughts are visualized as particle trails that feed into abstract shapes.

After working with director Johnny Andow to develop the visual concepts, I designed key styleframes for the sequence. These served as direction for our visual effects partner, Animal Studio, to execute the animation and compositing.


Agency 160over90Client Jefferson UniversityRole Lead Designer, Color Grading, Animation