Clutchfit: Steph Curry

I worked with 160over90 to produce this spot for Under Armour’s ClutchFit shoe line. Our concept for the graphics was informed by the characteristics of the ClutchFit material geometry that is supposed to expand, rather than shrink, when it is stretched. The effects for this spot appear in three ways [1] as supers, graphic overlays on top of footage [2] as visual effects elements that are intergrated with the live action environment [3] as fully animated endtags [4] as fully CG elements to illustrate the constructed components of the shoe and highlight the ClutchFit material on a micro level. My team was comprehensibly responsible for the first three effects categories, and we handled the final composite for the fourth.


The spot features a couple “clutch moments” in which time slows down and we see a glimpse into the mind of the athlete. These scenes contain digital-readout and tech UI elements to describe a pivotal (“clutch”) moment in a game (score is tied, shot clock running down) that the athlete imagines as he trains. Additionally, there are visual effects elements that serve to visually connect the shoe’s performance to the performance of the athlete.


The video below shows a bit of the process in creating this ‘clutch moment’ styleframe from the pre-production stage. While not a timelapse of my work, this layer-by-layer breakdown of the Photoshop project demonstrates each element involved in taking the raw footage still frame to the final composite stage. Look development for the visual effects took inspiration from circuitry and low-polygon geometry to evoke a sense of futuristic, technologically informed flexibility to reinforce the ClutchFit brand. Color correction, rotoscoping, digital painting, 2D animation elements, particle simulation, typography, and compositing techniques are all utilized in the final image.

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Agency 160over90Client Under ArmourChief Executive Officer Shannon SlusherChief Creative Officer Darryl CilliExecutive Creative Director Konstantinos PsimarisExecutive Producer Tom AmmonProducer Derick CruciusSenior Editor Max PaolucciLead Animator Chris LeeLead Designer Joe DunlapLead Compositor Joe Dunlap