Philadelphia Eagles Brand Concepts 2016

I was brought on for 160over90’s brand concept work for the Eagles’ 2016 season. These designs served as key art and assets for the entire season’s scope of work, extending even to regional rail and bus wraps.

The first role I had was to develop a series of high-res, fractured background planes to use as a foundation for each brand image. I modeled the structure in Cinema4D and created a textured material to mimic the feel of a football grip. I rendered hi-res flats out of Cinema and tweaked them further in Photoshop to enhance the texture. The team ran with these assets and lead the way in developing the concept and structure of the designs, but the images needed another level of intensity and polish.

When I got my hands on the initial designs (see below) I first stripped back every element and began rebuilding with the essentials. The final effects look-and-feel was inspired by acoustic radiation waves and copper green flames. Although Photoshop was my main tool, I also utilized After Effects to generate rippling distortion effects. I later rebuilt those effects so they could be used as displacement maps within Photoshop.

Poly-terrain Wallpaper 3840x2160


Agency 160over90Client Philadelphia EaglesChief Executive Officer Shannon SlusherChief Creative Officer Darryl CilliGroup Creative Director Brendon QuinnAssociate Creative Director Kris BlakeGroup Design Director Tim GoughSenior Designer Joe DunlapCompositor Joe Dunlap