160over90 Brand Art

As part of an agency brand refresh, 160over90 sought a series of striking images to serve as cover art for select client work on their new site. I worked closely with our Chief Creative Officer and Executive Creative Director to concept and execute these conceptual illustrations. Our goal was to create dramatic scenes with subtle surreal elements that would bring a sense of power and mystery to each brand.


Early concepts were generated based on 160’s insider knowledge of the client and their culture. We selected hero elements, such as the eagle and the LaFerrari, to serve as the main subject in each scene. With some exceptions, these evolved into kinds of ‘spirit-animals’ for each client. After initial brainstorming sessions, I rendered some quick sketches of our ideas to demonstrate the content and composition possibilities. After choosing a direction, I began to rough in the scene using photo-bashing techniques for quick iterations. Once we were happy with the scale, general lighting, and composition, I would begin full executions including CG elements and final photo composites.



Agency 160over90Client InternalChief Executive Officer Shannon SlusherChief Creative Officer Darryl CilliExecutive Creative Director Stephen PenningExecutive Creative Director Konstantinos PsimarisSenior Designer Joe DunlapCompositor Joe Dunlap